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Deep (and not-so-deep) conversations about home improvement, design, and life at home. Tune in to weekly episodes filled with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, and a smattering of home related games, along with what’s new around the house and interviews with designers, bloggers, TV personalities, and more. Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who began chronicling their home improvement adventures in 2007 on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. And, well, now they have a podcast.
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Oct 31, 2016

You know when you just can’t seem to find your momentum on a certain home task? Well, today we fess up to one that’s had us stuck for months. We also get to talk to HGTV’s Nicole Curtis about rehabbing old houses, working in a “man’s world,” and why she thinks it’s hard (but important) to be an open book with her fans. John also spooks up a Halloween-inspired game, Sherry gleefully removes something from our new kitchen, and we drool over cake stands. Well, and cake. Mostly cake.

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Oct 24, 2016

How the heck does any home improvement get done with kiddos in the mix? We’ve been asked this question countless times (and have wondered it ourselves in more than a few moments of desperation). So today we’re sharing four of our favorite tactics for juggling parenting and DIY duties, while fending off the frustration of feeling like nothing’s getting done. John also fesses up to his HUGE screw up during our kitchen reno and Sherry takes a stab at a guys vs. girls Pinterest guessing game. Plus, we find a mutual appreciation for the place where hand crafts and zombies overlap.

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Oct 17, 2016

We’ve all seen the ubiquitous white wall trend, but do bloggers and designers just choose them because they look good in photos? In person do they feel bright & cheery or cold & stark? We talk to two bloggers - one who loves ‘em and one who isn’t sold - and we weigh in with our own pros & cons on the subject. We’re also spilling the beans on a new outdoor project that we’re taking on, Sherry braces herself for an uncomfortable “renovation” of her own, and we continue our quest to cut down unwanted mail.

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Oct 10, 2016

When is it best to do something yourself and when should you hire it out? We faced that question a lot during our big kitchen remodel, and today we’re discussing how we made the call, including strategies for saving time and money. We also bust out our five favorite routines that keep household clutter in check (bonus: they’re all pretty easy!).  Plus, we share some unconventional ways that we’ve discovered original artwork and we learn how to do some pretty weird stuff… like turning a bedroom into a vampire den. Yup, you read that right.

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Oct 3, 2016

Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney shares what 12 years of design blogging has taught her about her style, the Internet, and why there’s no such thing as work-life balance. We also take you behind the scenes of our new coloring book, turn to a titillating source for some design advice, and talk about the curse that’s plaguing John this year. Plus, find out what we’re doing to cut down on unwanted clutter from the postman.

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