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Deep (and not-so-deep) conversations about home improvement, design, and life at home. Tune in to weekly episodes filled with casual decorating advice, DIY stories, and a smattering of home related games, along with what’s new around the house and interviews with designers, bloggers, TV personalities, and more. Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who began chronicling their home improvement adventures in 2007 on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. And, well, now they have a podcast.
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Jun 19, 2017

We don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to purchases for our home, so this week we’re sharing some strategies we’ve developed for helping the other person see things our way - whether they’re the one who is itching to buy something, or the one trying to rein it in. We also picked up a surprising trick for online shopping that has saved us over $1,500 on items for our beach house so far! Plus, how we’re making good on our goal to get outside more often, how cutting the cable cord has inspired a new kid-friendly TV option, and why you shouldn’t craft and talk on the phone at the same time (it could literally ruin the world). 

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Jun 5, 2017

It may seem counterintuitive (don’t most people want to add a deck?!), but ous is GIANT and it’s just not pulling its weight anymore. So you can find out why we think tearing it down is the way to go - and what the heck we want to put in its place on this week’s episode. We also talk with Manhattan Nest’s Daniel Kanter about which design trends are getting tired - and why older homes shouldn’t be approached in the same way as their newer counterparts. Plus John gets mushy over his favorite saw, Sherry considers the trip of a lifetime, and we can’t stop talking about a talking fish.

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